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I had a long conversation with a pair of those experimental fiction students on Sunday. They told me they were part of a class, but you gave me some additional context - thanks!

Hey this is MDT from SPX.

Just wanted to offer a little more detail on SPX's purpose and mission. Our overall purpose is to promote, protect and preserve the work of independent artists working in the comics medium.

We're a non-profit entity, with the money we earn going to a couple of specific causes. SPX is an all volunteer enterprise with no paid staff or personnel. All monies earned go towards the aforementioned charities or to support the next year's show.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, as you mentioned, is a major beneficiary. Obviously these folks play a crucial role in protecting the artistic freedom of creators active in the comics medium. We're very proud to support their work.

Last year we also began our Graphic Novel Gift program, through which SPX endows a local library system (Baltimore's Enoch Pratt was the 2012 recipient) with funds to purchase graphic novels from our independent publisher partners.

Along with our annual expo, we view the library program as a wonderful way to promote independent work in the comics medium while also support struggling, cash-strapped local libraries. This year $5,000 worth of books - over 250 volumes - entered the Baltimore library system as a gift from SPX.

Another notable initiative is our relationship with the Library of Congress. SPX has established a permanent collection at the LOC and works closely with their librarian staff to preserve the best work in the medium for all time.

Hope this info was helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to attend and discuss SPX 2012. We're extremely proud of the 2012 show and are so glad that you enjoyed it!

-- MDT

Thank you!

hi guys! thanks for mentioning me on your podcast. again, anne koyama directed me here, she's such a connection maker haha

um, shit.... my book's name is like... a tounge twister for you haha i love that. also kush is from latvia! i suggest checking out other issues from them, they're really amazing.

Inés, I'm so provincial I have a hard time pronouncing anything west of the Appalachians. Thanks for you good humor.

If anyone's interested in getting hold of Ojitos Borrosos, here's a more direct link than the stuff I read live on air a la the golden age of television:


Wait, did Jog seriously slip in a reference to Legends of the Hidden Temple? Am I the only one that caught this? Am I hallucinating?!

Every '90s Nickelodeon reference I drop into the show is like fastening the head in my personal Shrine of the Silver Monkey...

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