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You gents certainly and successfully identified the two "point of no return" moments within Die Hard and Predator. If you get to those parts, it's over. You're not going anywhere.

I've been trying for years to place where I had seen "the thing with the guy who sees the killer in the mirror", as it was that and Poltergeist 3 that made me afraid of what might look back at me in a mirror when I was a kid. Who'd have guessed it was from an Amazing Stories episode by Martin Scorsese.

Just added another five movies to my queue thanks to the podcast. Really excited to check out DEAD MAN'S SHOES, as Meadows other stuff has always been quite good.

Jim Caviezel was the keynote speaker at my college graduation; we were a Catholic-affiliated school, and it was right after he'd finished shooting on The Passion of the Christ. He began his speech by having us all sing happy birthday to the Pope, and then he dropped probably the most personal information about Terrence Malick I've ever heard from any one source, like anecdotes about saying the rosary and stuff. All of my understanding of The Tree of Life I owe to Jim Caviezel. He wound up shouting at the top of his lungs about how we were soldiers of Christ, like literally bellowing, screaming, eyes bugging in the auditorium. I will always have a soft spot for that dude, because I couldn't have hoped for a better introduction to the post-graduate world.

Dead Man's Shoes is a transcendentally good film.

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