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What are the odds that Tarantino goes for a Tamblyn family trifecta by having Amber say "sometime the good guys don't wear white."?

Also, knowing Tarantino he'd try and mix it in along with "Always Bet on Black" and a reference to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Guys_Wear_Black

Watch Duma if you haven't already - it is a well acted and visually interesting film and I would be interested to hear you two's opinion.

Sorry, I don't know what movie that is. Based off imdb, are you talking about the one about the cheetah or the one about Palestinian sex abuse?

I'm a massive fan of Shane Meadows' films, and recommend them all. 24/7 and the This Is England films are particularly fine, but they're all good. (Although One Upon A Time In The Midlands is a noticeably lesser effort).

Also, he got no dialogue, but Michael Parks is credited as Jack Kirby in the end credits of Argo. (I actually stuck around to check.) Which is funny, because it means his name was higher up the credits for a wordless cameo in Argo than it was on The Avengers film.

It is a 2005 family film about a cheetah. Oddly, the theatrical poster pictured on imbd makes it look like an animated film, but it's not.

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