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Oh, I really liked the Lester Three Muskeeters (though I think my dad swears by one of the black and white versions). But I remember really just digging Three-- but not as much the second half of the story, Four Musketeers? I know they filmed them at the same time and they're all of a piece, like Sean mentioned, but I remember all the long elaborate action set pieces I loved in Three just felt like they drug on and on and on forever in Four. I remember Four being the more dramatic material, too, which maybe accounts for less interest on my part.

I don't remember the Knack-- I just remember despising it. I saw that and the original Alfie around the same time, maybe as a double-feature-- miserable, miserable experience.

I think when Tarantino talked about Rio Bravo, it's not as a siege movie but he classified it as a hang-out movie-- like I remember him mentioning it alongside Dazed & Confused. That thing of how you feel about Dazed & Confused after the first time you see it, it isn't how you feel about it if you see it a second or third time...? Rio Bravo has that same thing, where it's one of those movies that if you flip onto it in the middle, when it's on Turner Classic or whatever, you're kind of right back in it... that song with Dean Martin and the kid may not work the first time, but if you see it again... like, I'm sitting here remembering the song fondly...?

just wanted to say that i very much enjoyed the first episode, and hope you guys continue with this series

Kicking and Screaming is a good old Bambauch movie to see. It's like a Whit Stillman typa-movie. Prime Parker Posey witticisms too.

Also very much in lock step on Kevin Smith. I used to think I liked that guy, and then he found pot and twitter. Bleaugh.

Stroszek is my Herzog recommendation. I like his Bruno S. collabs a littttle bit better than his Kinski ones, even though I love them both.

Sarah - Stroszek and Kicking and Screaming are on my to-watch lists. I love Parker Posey but I'm a little wary about it from reading about it. I do want to see Francis Ha quite a bit. Stillman - I still have only watched the Last Days of Disco, and it was so long ago I barely remember it. With Kevin Smith - the twitter and pot thing would not be a big deal if his work was great is the big problem. I mean, I still love Madlib and Doug Benson with all my heart.

Abhay - I remember Tarantino talking about it as a hangout movie, and I can really see that being the case. I'm definitely going to watch it again soonish. Actually I come off harsher than I really felt about the song, I just thought it was a weird decision.

The Knack next to Alfie would make it far worse, there's nothing even close to Caine's presence in it. I think it might have been way better if it had better actors - but as it is, the ideas are just so dated and gross.

The Lester Musketeers - I really don't remember the first two as separate movies at all. I think I've only ever watched them as TCM double features. Return of the Musketeers is really fantastic, though, and it's one of the rare good director's last movies.

FInding this podcast is the equivalent of finding money in an old pair of pants. Fanfuckintastic.

I should mention that, in a bizarre coincidence, I've been live tweeting old episodes of Miami Vice. You may have to scroll through some of my fantasy football bullshit, but there's about a hundred tweets of Vice-ness in there. @MasterJonBurr is where to go.

Sean - I think you will absolutely love Straight Time. It's got M. Emmet Walsh at his skeezy best, along with a truly insane and very young Busey, and, to top it off, my 2nd favorite Harry Dean Stanton performance (after 92 In The Shade). I THINK it's got an Eddy Bunker cameo, as well, as it's based on his writing.

It's about time someone did a movie podcast worth listening to. Fantastic stuff here. And Tucker better watch TENEBRE this week (and keep pronouncing it like it's a German beer) because I want to hear you guys talk about Argento and the fucking awesome title song to the film by Goblin.

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