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That EXORCIST III scene with the nurse may well be the best scare scene I've ever seen, one of those that actually causes you to look behind you at times to make sure a person in all-white with a head shearing device isn't following.


Interesting also that of all the films you decided to discuss you went with EXORCIST III and CANDYMAN, as they were two of the few above average horror films that came out in the 90's, a decade that was pretty much the nadir for the genre.

Looking forward to the homework assignments for next week -- seems like now is as good a time as ever to catch up on 13 ASSASSINS.

I really like a lot of horror stuff from the 90s -Jacob's Ladder, In the Mouth of Madness, Cronos, Tremors, Body Parts, Audition, the good parts of the Coppola Dracula, New Nightmare, Species, Event Horizon. The Nadir for the genre is the 00s. All cg and half-ass torture and Wolf Creek.

You forgot to include "shitty found footage" films on your list of crap from the 2000's.

While I certainly would be foolish to try to mount any passionate argument that the 00's are any better than the 90's, I probably like several films from the 2000's as much as the list you provide there (The Descent, Inside, Let The Right One In, 28 Days/Weeks Later, The Strangers, The Devils Rejects...and I guess that's really about it). I can see what you are getting at, though. Plus, your list reminds me that I really need to watch Event Horizon one of these days.

As for the nadir, I was thinking more of the bottoming out of the genre right around when SCREAM came out, and then the flurry of copycat stuff that followed in its wake.

Deodato was accused of murdering people in Cannibal Holocaust, although for maximum exploitation you'll need to hit up Jacopetti's & Prosperi's Africa Addio -- not a cannibal movie but kind of a enabling force -- which *actually did* include footage of real murders (it's a mondo movie), one of which the directors were later accused of orchestrating for the film. Next to that, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals plays like charming escapism...

Enjoyed this. I got into horror pretty late in my development, so I'm still very much in the phase of being addicted to digging through the genre in film. Candyman sounds really interesting. I will have to check that out.

The exorcist III discussion was probably the highlight of the episode.

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