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Dude, Beloved wasn't made by that Candyman guy, it was a Jonathan Demme film. You might be thinking of Immortal Beloved, the Beethoven film with Gary Oldman which Bernard Rose directed.

I've never seen Beloved, but I did like Immortal Beloved, because Oldman's Beethoven is such a giant dick, but then that turns out to be the whole point of the movie, that even the world's biggest asshole could produce work of stunning beauty.

Also, fuck yeah, Darkplace is still good - I just watched it for, like, the sixth time, and it still makes me laugh.

"I know writers who use subtext and they're all cowards. OK? What I was asking in that scene is: what if politicians continue to pay doctors peanuts, could they literally turn into monkeys? And no-one's asked that before."

Ah I didn't know that because I've never seen either. Which is weird because I've seen most of Demme's stuff.

Dark Place is absolute genius. The hallmark of something great is it actually gets funnier when you watch The Kingdom. Also Stephen Merchant's cameo is Greatest Ever Cameo status.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Quantum of Solace is near the end Bond and the girl are in some burning building and he is like CLOSE YOUR EYES as he holds the gun to her head and they sit there for a couple of seconds, but then he shoots the explodey barrel so they can get out, and it's like, did this movie seriously just try to fake me out with the idea that Bond might kill himself? It was that and a handful of other things that confused me so I just don't remember the movie with much fondness and I can't help that.

I really liked Skyfall though.

PS from the beginning of this podcast, I think the "movie where they're shooting meat" could have been the wonderful documentary Wanted starring Angelina Jolie.

Hey guys, love the podcast (love Sean's 'supervillain' blog too); just wanted to share something I found regarding the whole Hitchcock/Hedren thing that Richard Brody wrote...


Apparently, their personal relationship and conflict has more to do with "Marnie" (as opposed to "Vertigo" as Sean was talking about).

The HBO Hitchcock film conflates scenes from Vertigo into the shooting of Marnie.

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