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Man, there is no way one-eighth of New Zealand's money comes from Lord of The Rings. They're big fucking movies, and it's a small fucking country, but they ain't that big, and the country ain't that small.

I really liked the Hobbity films and The Avengers, but also rate The Grey and Looper as my favourite films of the year (after Ben Wheatley's stuff). Is this wrong?

Also, I am very glad Channing Potato isn't killed right at the start of the new GI Joe film, only because I fucking hate it when the main characters from the first movie are unceremoniously killed off right at the start of the sequel. I hated it in Alien 3, I hated it in Friday The 13th Part Two and I fucking hated it in Ewoks: The Battle For Endor.

Fun episode. I can't really get behind the high praise for Looper, even though I did see it twice in the theater. I guess I was let down by expecting it to be a high-concept sci-fi movie, and it "merely" being a very well-made action flick.

I hope you both get the chance to catch Holy Motors sometime in the new year. That film was definitely one of my favorites of 2012, hugely enjoyable.

I have heard more than one person say they are disappointed by the new Bourne film. I haven't seen it yet so I don't know whether to agree with them or not. I'll have to wait until I watch it and form my own opinion.

I think Jeremy Renner is a good action star. I always enjoy seeing him in movies that involve a lot of sparring. He usually looks really authentic in the role.

I don't know if people didn't like the latest Bourne because it's just that- the latest Bourne. Maybe the whole premise of this latest installment was just too hard to believe and that turned people off.

Dig the podcast. I gotta hand it to you fellas, I don't agree with you all the time, but I certainly respect you.
The Avengers commentary was of particular interest to me. I'm really curious how much those movies are actually "directed." The idea never occured to me, but the logic is sound when one thinks about it, that these giant budget corporate films are steered by higher powers, if you will.

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