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Another great listen dudes.

Shout out to Tucker on the Pacino-grabs-pencil detail in The Insider. That's one of things I like about performances in both Mann and Fincher films in particular. That sort of stuff comes out of a lot of takes I think. (like Pacino looking through a phone book in the same scene in The Insider or Craig looking through photographs in 'Dragon Tattoo'. And it's just so pleasing to watch a dude move with (pretentious trigger warning) internal life.

I also love the way Pacino skips down those stairs in Heat. Hell, I love the way EVERYBODY moves around the screen in Heat.

Enjoyed the Five Easy Pieces/Raffelson side trip(still in the early part of the podcast). Have you guys seen King of Marvin Gardens? I don't think that's as regarded as Five Easy Pieces--but I really got my teeth into that one, where Five Easy Pieces was a bit of a chore.

With Denzel Washington, I am always reminded of a scene in "Mighty Quinn" where he is flirting with his ex. During most of the film, he's playing so straight and serious, but for this one scene, he being really playful.

These little flourishes just add a little extra dimensions to the character. Its why I end up sucked into his movies even though most are pretty bland.

You guys should talk about Walter Hill more often. Streets of Fire is my favorite movie. I haven´t seen all of his movies, but I've loved what I have.

I love Remar in The Warriors, but I think the best scene in that movie might be the one on the train with the prom goers

We should do a Walter Hill episode, that guy has so many interesting movies. Soon, I guarantee.

Marvin Gardens: haven't seen it, but it's in the Criterion boxset, which I'm slowly making my way through. I'm sure we'll talk about it soon-i've always been curious why it was such a nonentity, whereas everybody seems to have an opinion about Five Easy Pieces.

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