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Tucker very casually slipped a "Steven Soderburger" in there.

For me I go:
1. Kill Bill (I just take them as one movie...meh I cheat)
2. Jackie Browne
3. Deathproof
4. Pulp Fiction
5. Django Unchained
6. Inglorious Bastards

I feel like his last two films have been kind of soulless. I mean they are logical extensions of his direction as a writer/director--but they both seem to lack focus and feel less I dunno...oomph. I mean for a western Django is pretty low on the totem for the genre in terms of payoff. The best shootout was that Unforgiven/Woo one at what...the end of the next to last act. But even that was lacking in a certain badassitude. There's at least like ten parts in Kill Bill that all have better climaxes than anything in his last two films. I also think aesthetically that Tarantino has never really established himself to the degree of other directors you'd consider on his level.

I liked Django--but I dunno. It was disappointing because it feels like it could have been better. I mean compare it to like 13 Assassins in terms of payoff for seeing true evil get absolutely wrecked.

I heard an interview with Chris McQuarrie where they ask him about the mud pit scene in Jack Reacher, and he said that they actually had a whole scene of Tom Cruise finding out the gun he had was empty and that whole scene being an elaborate bluff. But then they just cut that part.

Which makes me like that scene a lot more because it meant at some point the filmmakers expressly stated that no one in the audience needed any reason at all for Tom Cruise to be violent. Who gives a shit about reasons? Just have Tom Cruise punch somebody. I'm in favor of that philosophy.

Holy shit! The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is directed by the lead actor from Squirm, the best NATURE WANTS TO EAT YOU film of the seventies (that's not called Jaws). I've learned something today.

The fighting style in Jack Reacher and the new Batman movies is called the Keysi Fighting Method. Brazilian street fighting or something. I have no idea how well it works in real life, but it looks brutal.

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