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I don't really agree that Ocean's sexuality, and it's presentation in channel orange--are just press. In a country where gay people still don't have all of the same rights as straight people--that stuff is important. The most important thing is that he made an album that was so undeniable that he couldn't be written off after coming out--whereas guys like Ricky Martin have come out largely in obscurity to shore up a gay audience. Ocean's music is so good and his writing is so human--he makes the authenticity of LGBT love, undeniable. Which is a weird thing to have to push for--but when you are living in a country where anytime just gay people getting married comes up, we start talking about how it's basically the same thing as wanting to have sex with a farm animal.

So I dunno, that I'd balk at that side of the album's impact. Obviously it lives or dies on the merits of the actual music. But the queer politics of it make it possibly the most significant queer music moment since I don't know when. Especially because it happened in hiphop. And definitely a ton because of how well and how beautiful Ocean conveys himself to the world. You can't listen to what he's saying, or read what he's writing, and shift him into "otherness". His ability to speak to something in everyone, even when he's talking about something very personal for himself builds connection. I dunno. rambling. Really dope.

Glad to see Chromatics and Twin Shadow up there. My least favorite Killer Mike album he's made in awhile though. I thought Kendrick Lamar's album was better. Also Ab-Soul's album this year got seriously slept on.

Terrific seeing Ernest Gonzales rank.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm a sucker for Year-End lists. This is always one of my favorites. Thanks again.

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