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I'd be interested in hearing why Sean thought The Raid had a better script than Dredd, per se. My main flaw with The Raid was its lack of any real cathartic retribution for its main baddie when the movie decided it was trying to make a point ("police corruption exists and is bad") after all. I could admire Dredd for its sheer dedication to keeping its story as straightforward as possible.

Per se.

I have been a Judge Dredd kid since I was three-years-old, so I can't talk about the movie without bringing in all that baggage, but I have to disagree with Sean about the performances from Lena Headey and Wood Harris. I really liked the way they underplayed the fuck out of those roles - mainly because so many actors use the "it's a comic book movie!" excuse to just go totally over the top and chew the hell out of every scene, and it was kinda refreshing to see bad guys who went so far in the other direction. (Plus, I just saw Southland Tales again recently, and after that, a restrained Wood Harris can only be a good thing...)

I would suggest re-watching "Desperate Living"--I actually think it is his best of the early Waters. It has a more balanced mix of story and weirdness than the other work. Also because Divine is not in it, the other Waters players really shine especially Mink Stole (who, if I remember correctly was the victim in the rape scene, not Edith Massey).

Also, DL was categorized as "horror" at the Hastings chain store I rented it from.

On a related note to Water's strangeness continuing into old age, did you see this story about his recent hitchiking trip?


This is definitely Citizen Kane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGYJyeX-oMc

I try not to get hurt when you guys aren't keen on a movie I love but I felt bad when Sean said FEMALE TROUBLE is boring. That movie is such a joy for me. Listeners should give it a try.

Great film based on a play - DEATH AND THE MAIDEN

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