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Thank you for the insight to a history of my career.

fun stuff but your sarcasm of love conquers all in too easy.

is it not what god gives to humanity?

is it not what makes all that is right in a sense?

is it not what m only wanted from his creator? exclusively?

do we laugh at love because we don't understand?

The forever love..mother, father..child...spend all our life hoping to find something so simple and fragile.

Quinn's writing is an expression of the tortured babble of man sewer hole...conceit and selfishness.

The story impales the comic world in the ass and places the carcass up for all to see.Let the eyes of the mainstream blind be opened to see anew.

long live the Dyna-Pop revolution!

So much to chew on, thanks guys. Jog writes more words in the show notes for a single podcast episode than I blog in an entire month. I wish he did them for every Burning in Hell but I can understand why he doesn't.

Every time I tried to read a Faust comic in my younger, lazier, more consumer-oriented years, I felt assaulted by all the crowded prose. It scared me off more effectively than the demon penises. I've flipped through issues but never thought I could succeed in reading one cover-to-cover without it feeling a bit like homework.

Still, Faust never left the back of my mind as a thing that could be read, a thing whose existence I was secretly grateful for. It's odd, always wanting to come to a full appreciation of things only after they're completed, but this podcast certainly worked its magic on me. Time to get Fausted.

What's really 'funny' is... I don't even want to express such things sarcastically, or comically, but that's my default. Insulation from potential vulnurability... what else could it be, since the end to the story was fitting? For a romance to end with love... thanks for commenting!

Tim Vigil shows up and blows us all away. Truth: we laugh at what we don't fully understand. It's lazy. I have no problem admitting that it's my own failure as a reader that's getting in the way here. Hats off to the master.

Have any of you read Kentaro Miura's Berserk? Because when Tucker talked about not knowing anything else to compare it to Berserk is what came to mind when listening to the descriptions.

That's a good comparison... the big difference between them, maybe, is that Japan's comparatively larger, more inclusive comics scene can better support a work like that, financially, although I do think Faust is considerably more fiery and explicit (I mean, from what I've read... it's a long series). It has been weird seeing Miura gradually washing over certain alt-comics zones... Johnny Ryan has cited him as influential on Prison Pit.

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