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Hugo Chavez as an orange pac man, and Garth Ennis's automatic writing war comics both had me in stitches.

I could listen to an entire podcast that's just Tucker responding to stuff from The Comics Journal. Good to have him back, and congrats to him on becoming a dad!

Good to have you back Tucker.

No love for Chavez?

The thing about violence reminds me whenever I hear people talking about all ages comics and then I take a dip into a week of Shonen Jump Alpha, which both are intended for the same audience yet due to cultural things they couldn't be further from the same content just in terms of the violence. I always kind of wonder if part of the reason it is easier is due the black and white.

The OCD compels me to point out that One-Punch Man, at least, is actually a seinen 'mature-ish readers' comic... not everything in SJA actually comes from Shonen Jump, there's a fair amount of artifice in what Viz is doing there. But yeah, even ch. 1 of One Piece had a dude getting shot in the head, an arm ripped off... I chalk it up to cultural differences too.

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