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Re: the YouTube movie aggregator you were talking about at the beginning: are you talking about pegleg.it? Because that links to actual uncut full movies on YouTube. It's not ideal, especially when it comes to watching something like 'The Holy Mountain' at 480p, but it's not as bad as the (PART 1/12) ten-minutes-at-a-time experience. It's kind of like having a sort of lower-res Netflix Instant queue that gets randomly updated with stuff you don't actually pick (and stuff Netflix often doesn't have), which is fun in its own "tripping over something while channel-surfing" kind of way.

As soon as I saw the Cable Guy screenshots I knew this would be good.

I mean, I hadn't listened yet BUT COME ON I'm saving it for later.

I actually did listen to all of the previous ones so far as well which were still good.

I'm not sure Nate, but that sounds about right. I have a tendency to ask Sean to explain things I skimmed over on a blog, and in cases where he hasn't heard of them, I tend to assume that's an answer in itself. The way you describe it makes my contempt somewhat unfocused, but that's not exactly a new problem. In other words: I should relax.

Carpool is the best Tom Arnold movie, obviously.

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