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Dirty Work has my favorite ADR joke, when they're in jail and Norm says "you know what hurts the most is the lack of respect, well that and THE OTHER THING" and you can tell "the other thing" was so obviously dubbed in over him saying ANAL RAPE to avoid a ratings change. Much like Galaxy Quest before they go through the mashers and Sigourney Weaver says "FUCK THAT" and they dub in "screw that" instead.

I was gonna come here and say HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE blah blah but the movie is extremely deadpan, and it's not non stop comedy. Like my favorite joke in the movie is HEY ARE THOSE HOOKERS? I MEAN.......... WHO ARE THOSE GIRLS? And any other hooker line in the movie, I never seen so many dead hookers in my life, David Koechgkdhgner suddenly screaming THIS IS A LIVE COMMERCIAL before composing himself, as if anyone did live commercials in the 90s anymore, every fawkin thing in the movie has the most godawful paper thin premise and I love it. Like one of the revenge things is at a carnival just so Norm can say into the tape recorder "note to self, I don't want to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!" But then I would just be sitting here all day typing lines from the movie into this text box. Why didn't he punch you in the stomach? I HAVE NO ~*~IDEEEEEEEA~*~ Don Giovanni who's that DUDE etc.

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