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Raimi, Campbell, et al. did not write the new Evil Dead. But Diablo Cody turned in a draft! They only produced, but it seems like they were pretty hands on. I liked it, but I think I like horror movies the way you guys like action movies. (That said, most horror movies are way worse than most action movies. It's a hard life.) I liked the big dumb ending. Chainsawing the ridiculous puppet in two, then having the two halves of its head looking up? Yes sir. Really loved what Sean had to say about what worked and what didn't and why.

Did you say PFFR produced Louie? What the what?

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Evil Dead remake, given I'm not that big a fan of the series (I like them, and Raimi, but they never quite caught on with me the way Carpenter's work did). Part of it has to do with how it's about addiction (more specifically, the shitty treatment of addicts), which is where I think the mutilation stuff is coming from (kept thinking of Jared Leto losing his arm in Requiem for a Dream) and why it ends the way it does. It's also the first horror movie in years I've both seen in theaters and was completely engaged with (I think the last one was Neil Marshall's The Descent, which was what? 2006?), so maybe I'm being more generous to it than I should be?

Either way, it's way better than Cabin in the Woods.

This is among the best podcasts all of you have done. I'm going to give the first season of the Shield a go based on Tucker's love.

PFFR doesn't produce Louie, but Vernon Chatham (one of the, I think, two guys who make up PFFR) produced and co-wrote the latest season.

I let Sean handle horror, but allow me to pipe up from the amateur corner and admit a deep fondness for The Descent.

Bebreezy: thanks so much!

I have a copy of The Split from Warner Archives. It's not very good but it has an all star cast: Warren Oates, Earnest Borgnindne, Gene Hackman, James Whitmore, Donald Sullivan, and Jim Brown. Give me a mail address and I'll send it you if you want to review it for the show.

I'll have to give Cul De Sac another go - the problem is that while I love Donald Pleasance I can't take watching (or listening) to Lionel Stander for that long...ugh...what to do.

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