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Hmm. Source on that opening quote?

It comes from an email I received.

I was trying so hard to read that email like I was Harlan Ellison (not the author, unfortunately!) and I failed so bad. Didn't come close to the genuine emotion I displayed when Tucker impugned the reputation of Roscoe Arbuckle...?!

Steve Bisley obsessive details, Thundercats toys! You're stirring up the deep sedimentary memories in my brain (not a reference to the gay torture porn, honest).

Wow. I never get emails.


1. There were two British movie comic collects Kim Deitch covered: Mabel Normand and Her Funny Friends (2003) and Fatty Arbuckle and His Funny Friends (2004), both in magazine format, Marilyn Slater, ed. Both are still available direct from Fantagraphics.

2. The salaryman comic we can't recall is Section Chief Kōsaku Shima, created by Kenshi Hirokane. The series has been ongoing since 1983, and is actually now titled President Kōsaku Shima, since it'd sort of be depressing for the dude to stay a Section Chief for that long.

I never appreciated SMS art on the ABC Warriors, but that was because Bisley was so fucking good, and I just wanted more of that. Same thing happened earlier on with Slaine, when David Pugh was drawing part of it. And it really wasn't bad, but I honestly thought Glenn Fabry was the greatest artist on Earth at the time, and Pugh's work suffered in comparison.

I still think Bisley is bringing it, though. The Hellblazer stuff is a much murkier pallette, and there are some pages where he clearly doesn't give a shit, (which has always been his biggest problem), but man, there are individual panels that are just gorgeous. And Peter Milligan always gave him plenty of really fucked-up shit to draw.

Please contact me Tucker. [email protected].

Interestingly, Art Spiegelman did a Fatty Arbuckle comic. See Sleazy Scandals of the Silver Screen, circa 1974 (also has great comics from Griffith, Spain, and Deitch!).

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