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Heh..comments. Does it really matter if you put 'em in the wrong post? I mean, really.

Great podcast guys. Sean talking so much about DePalma makes me want to watch more of his stuff.

Scarface is the best. DePalma equals awesome.

Have you talked about the Monty Python films yet. Matt may have mentioned them on the comics podcast.

I love that there isn't a single gun in Election. Also holy shit, Johnnie To directed The Heroic Trio?

Eddie Constantine also shows up (playing an actor playing Lemmy Caution) in Fassbinder's BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE which is playing with the levels of his character.

And Godard did another sci-fi film in the 1980s with his post-apocalyptic version of KING LEAR (for Golan-Globus)

Is there a link to the Wimberly Alphaville comic?

Disregard that. I am an idiot---I see it at the bottom there. Very cool.

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