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I liked: "Zach Snyder, how many times does that guy have to introduce himself?"

Hey guys, really enjoy the podcast; listen to it every week. Nice discussion about IM3 (especially the violence stuff), and the space-paste/dog-bone-meal shit was hilarious. Keep it up, dudes.


This is Shane Black's first PG13 movie right? That's why the violence wasn't surprising to me.

Here's an unfair and inaccurate comparison for everyone: Shane Black is to movies as Mark Millar is to comics. Because the honky protagonist is always shooting black people. Well, in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang anyway. I did say it was inaccurate. And yet, it doesn't justify me saying it. 8)

I think 1 didn't have a script either. (That's what Jeff Bridges has said, I think, but maybe there was just no script in Jeff Bridges's mind...?). They were just telling such a simple story that it didn't matter and it could just get by on the champagne fizz of Downey Jr. bantering with robots or whatever, maybe.

I think the problem with 2 wasn't just not having a script-- it's that is once 1 hit, it was not having the scripts + having to tell any kind of story on earth besides "man discovers he's a hero" (see also: every other sci fi sequel, except like ... Predator 2?) + the suits getting involved. 3 kind of bore that one out too because ... how much better was 3 than 2 really, re:, like, cognizable character motivations?

(Plus 3 is a really weird movie to "read" in a way people I haven't seen people talk about... 3 was super drones-are-awesome which was just... weird...)

Only listening to the episode now, so I may be late with this one, but the space paste food replacement that ticket craves does exist- http://m.vice.com/read/rob-rhinehart-no-longer-requires-food

^ Tucker not ticket

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