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Yes! I've been hoping you guys would do a FF retrospective. Going to listen to this immediately.

I've never watched any of these things, but I can always wash dishes while listening to someone discuss the finer points of a series I'll never watch. If you do a Nightmare on Elm Street retrospective, I'll wash dishes and listen to that too.

Speaking of Vin Deisel and role-playing games, here's a game that a noted indy game designer probably spent a portion of his lunch break writing. It's a bit of a slog for those of us who don't have boners for silly and sloppy RPG instructions, but as a way to engage the Vin Deisel Experience it may have its merits.


Oh man, the Nightmare on Elm Street films are so good.

I like all the Furious films. Great entertainment.

I just watched Runaway Train with Jon Voight. Tucker and Sean were right, it's one hell of a film that treats people in prison with respect. The warden was an arsehole.

Man, I remember Salt being a CAUSE for about a week and a half with certain people after Matt Zoller Seitz went to mat for it as the way action movies ought to be done... like, Salt was gonna save us from superhero movies and Michael Bay. That was her true mission.

I still rep at least half of that dude's filmography, especially Quiet American. I like to pretend I didn't learn about Noyce from Beastie Boys lyrics.

The thing that makes Salt so irksome is that the same guy is responsible for Clear and Present Danger, which has all these slices of action that are fully considered and excitingly put together--and yet when he's giving a full canvas with which to take that further, he really only manages that one scene that everybody can do nowadays, which is the part where people in an office get brutally and graphically murdered by somebody they thought they could trust. He can still throw down though, he just has to get out of the TV business. That's everybody, though.

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