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It's "Strange Tale of Panorama Island." Would hate for the typo to keep someone from finding it online.

I found the discussion of the 'hazardous' approach of the artist reveling in rendering a horrific depiction really interesting. This kind of work can easily be dismissed as simply amoral, or glorifying of any & all violent transgression when there are many ways of reading it, in addition to that.

I feel problems often arise in the public discourse around horrific art when the actions of fictional characters are projected onto the creator. As if these fictional scenarios are not products of the imagination, as if the author is actually involved in an Ultra Gash Inferno! Comics seem more prone to this as it's easy for the casual observer to sample the obscene imagery without actually reading, easier than with 50 Shades of Grey or something anyway..

Also lol at the get back in your box routine.

oh boy! A whole podcast about Maruo? You guys are awesome :)

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