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Is there a direct link to the mp3?


Don't think so, but you can subscribe to the cast over on itunes, and if you so choose, leave a comment regarding how greatly your life has improved having listened to it : ) Especially the episodes that I'm not on, those will probably make it difficult for you to sire a child.


whaaaat, I meant the episodes I'm on are not as good as the others, dammit, I sound like an asshole

They all make for good listening in the waiting room at the fertility clinic.

Hey, great podcast. After reading about how bad "The Last Man on Earth" was for so many years, it was surprising to find out it actually was pretty good, bleakly atmospheric and generally faithful to the novella. Sean is correct that Vincent Price is horribly miscast and nearly sinks the movie. The role calls for an "everyman" type. Price's persona as an upper class fop is completely wrong. I think Warren Oats would have killed in that role.

Thanks for the extra long Ron Grainer outro!

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