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ERRATUM: J. Michael Straczynski was not nominated for an Oscar for Changeling, he was nominated for a BAFTA Award. SORRY!

I'm pretty sure Alan Moore put a curse on the Before Watchmen books. An actual curse. I'm not sure what the ritual involves.

..maybe a Paul Levitz voodoo doll.

I think that was my favourite episode ever, on every conceivable front. And therefore, indirectly and in my eyes only, Millar's greatest achievement.

Chris with the potty mouth this episode!

This post says the episode of the podcast has the worst intro of any episode, and so I listen to it, and it actually has the BEST intro. Why did the description lie right to my face without any remorse? I don't like being lied to like that. I resent it.

Tucker's timing on the intro was exquisite!
About the podcast... It seems less that Morrison is pissed that he didn't get to remake Mickey Mouse, and more that he wasn't able to get out from under Frank Miller's shadow. He rationalized/narrated his defeat as being at the hands of the big idea behind the character (some innate capacity of Batman the Icon to draw his writers into a loop of nihilistic violence), but really, he's just mad that big daddy Frank's Batman is still The Batman.

I'm 90% sure that the Mark Newgarden art was in a different room...

And I knew you didn't like those vegetable fries, Tucker, but had no idea just how serious the situation really was.

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