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Another influence on the change in Tomine's style: he had a child! The new style is obviously less time intensive, and if I'm remembering comments in a few interviews correctly, he actively worked to develop a quicker style because he knew he would have less time to work on comics. I think the recent work is substantially improved, although Go Owls rang a little too heavily of Jaime for me.

I think it might have been Sea of Love that had the "cops lure criminals with promise of prize" sub plot.

Um, I'm pretty sure that Tomine got the plot point not from "Sea of Love" but from this news story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023154/Police-nab-suspected-deadbeat-parents-luring-won-free-football-tickets-ruse.html


Tomine's reads the Daily Mail?! Jeet, we weren't trying to do a takedown!

Well, he probably didn't get it from the Daily Mail -- the story was widely reported on. And the time seems right for it to be something he read about while the story was percolating.

I'm certain my joke would have been far more hilarious had all the words been spelled correctly.

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