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That was some great Hannibal/TV talk

Glad to hear the USA Network is maintaining its proud tradition of uncomfortable sex stuff; the memory of Silk Stalkings will live forever in our hearts.

And the really really gross Duckman Silk Stalkings parody.

Speaking of Lawrence Fishburne and Ben Stiller, might I suggest to you gentlemen Deep Cover, with the former and Jeff Goldblum and directed by Bill Duke (yes, THAT Bill Duke), and The Zero Effect with the latter and Bill Pullman? The former is a deliciously atmospheric, occasionally poetic bit of overlooked 90s neo-noir, and the latter is one of the best Sherlock Holmes films ever made that is both a direct adaptation of a Holmes story and not Sherlock Holmes at all, and Stiller is actually the straight man.

Just saw the latest Wolverine, I agree the fight scenes were refreshingly clear visually. I think I mainly dig all the samurai bullshit, although Hugh Jackman is pretty believable as the gruff goodguy burdened by his inner beast. Are the previous Wolverines worth watching? There are other Wolverine movies aren't there? It's soo weird that I spend as much effort avoiding super-hero movies now as I would've spent pinning for them to be made when I was 12 years old! Bizarre times mayne.

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