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Jog's right about the Crossed webcomic. It's one of the precious few I keep up with weekly (well, almost). There are bursts of evil in it, but it's probably the most... normal of the Crossed series? There are horrors, but I'd bet cash money that the horrors per page count is way down on the webcomic as compared to the Badlands stuff.

Having no interest in Comicon and Crossed, I still found this to be fascinating.

Thanks guys.

"Hey, Rod. You didn't arrive having eaten."

It seems odd to me that Gillen doesn't own Uber, as his back matter essays (which are about several times more than anything going on inside the actual comic at the moment)present a complete "the buck stops here" mentality. There's a bit of Avatar wants gore and terror and Nazis, but it always comes back to Gillen saying the only person responsible for the shit you find sick is me. Actually, the way he talks about a 30 issue run of the series might offer a clue, as the Garth Ennis Jenniffer Blood/Crossed 6 issues and then other writer projects might better fit a perpetual economic model Avatar is willing to make ownership concessions for.

For what it's worth, I like to directly download these things and listen to them at my leisure. Please, make these available by whatever method works best for you but if you were wondering if there was anyone who preferred to download them, I do.

Tex, they're available in iTunes as a podcast. That's how I listen. Will that work for you?

Usually you guys post a "click here to download '' link, which is what I usually use. But I don't see one here. Am I blind?

You're not blind, it is simply here. http://comicsinhell.libsyn.com/

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