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I'm so ready for an episode about odd semi-forgotten 80s comics I can't begin to express it. A whole episode on Wormy and Snarfquest? That would go into heavy rotation in my house.

Oh, my prior comment is in reference to your mention of Omaha the Cat Dancer, which was a bit like some HBO shows and therefore prescient about how to expand the market for comics.

Re: Spiegelman's Commix. The question "who is this book for?" is easily answered: it's a museum catalog. When you have a big museum exhibit, it's customary to have a catalog so that 1) viewers who want to can have a record of what they saw and 2) posterity can have a record of what was displayed. In the genre of museum catalog it doesn't matter how often the material has been reprinted before. There have been countless Van Gogh catalogs, with a great deal of visual overlap. In the case of Spiegelman, actually most of what's in the book isn't readily accessible elsewhere, unless you are a Spiegelman collector (and the museum show is likely to attract many who aren't Spiegelman completests. For example, it's been a long time since "Two Fisted Painters" has been available. (Fully disclosure: I had a small hand in the Commix book. But I'm sure I'd have made these points anyway).

Great job gentlemen.

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