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Wow, really strong episode this week guys!

My wife is a Vanishing Point freak, so I'm looking forward to hearing this.

Check out Two Lane Blacktop, which is Vanishing Point on Quayludes instead of speed. Also, DON'T check out the TV movie remake of VP, which sentimentalizes the protagonist (he's rushing home because his wife's in labor or something) and reimagines the Clevon Little role as a 90s shock jock named The Voice (don't get him started on the IRS!) played by Luke Perry, who has a shitty voice.

Oh God, and the police who are out to get Kowalski are led by a black FBI agent because of course they are, it's the 90s. It's like the tea party funded a remake.

So much good stuff this episode, I have no idea when I'm going to find time to listen to it all.

I do have Possession downloaded, but I haven't watched it because I tend to do that where I download movies I think I should watch and then I don't watch them. I still have Antichrist and the original Straw Dogs just sitting here. And Valley of the Wolves Iraq, and Polyester, so on.

But I mean I don't like fridening movies, I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIDEND

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