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I read Day of the Jackal 19 years ago as part of a module on the Thriller at Sussex University. That job's done.

These are terrific mini-reviews. Someone said this earlier and I think it's true that you're true critical metier might be writing about prose. One thing I noticed is that these are all pretty much guy books -- real Dick Lit. Might want to balance things out with some Jane Austen or Mavis Gallant.

I'm not sure when this reviewing of "regular books" started happening, but god dammit if it isn't engaging.
The bit about Blood Meridian couldn't be more on-the-nose. Keep it up.

I also really enjoyed this, and will seek some of these books out. I don't mean to top from the bottom, but if you want to follow Jeet Heer's advice, some other female writers of possible interest: Iris Murdoch, Anne Beatty, Mary Gaitskill, Jennifer Egan.

Why do people hate the Rushdie? Aside from ayatollahs, I mean. I missed a memo.

Jan-that's awesome. What were the other books in the module? And what is a module? I don't understand British schools.

Jeet--Thanks! I do have a lazy, "Dick Lit' focus at times, but I will say that my favorite new books were both by women--the Elliott Holt I mentioned to you on twitter, and the Rachel Kushner book. And the Annual Austen re-read is in January. Mavis Gallant though--total blind spot. I'll look into that.


Aaron--the book I don't think they hate, I think they just hate him. And he's kind of annoying, I get that. I didn't really ask though. It wasn't an actual conversation, it was just passing shots.

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