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More excited than I could possibly be to listen to this.

This show is the best film-related podcast and I mean that.

This strange format inspired a great deal of intelligent conversation. Wicked pisser.

Great episode guys. Love the format.

Huge lol @ "You know what love is Crystal? Ssssaaccrriiffffiicccee!"

This is an excellent episode. Honestly, I can't wait until the next one. Great stuff!!

I'm listening and really enjoying. Just wanna say that Rae Dawn Chong worked for me in Quest for Fire.

Until listening to this I had forgotten that, when watching RAMBO in the theaters, my roommate stood up in the middle of an opening night theater and fistpumped "FUCK YEAH" as Rambo starts burying explosive-tipped arrows into bad guys.

Here's to 50 more.

Please please please do an episode like this focusing on Jackie Chan. Operation Condor vs. Drunken Master!

Oh man we might have to do that.

Virtuosity just barely missed out qualifying for this list.

What an amazing episode. One of the few podcast episodes I'm actually going to have to hang on to after I've listened to it.

I was not expecting this podcast to end so thoughtfully. I may have to watch Predator now, because Tucker Stone's description of it was heartstring-stirring.

I never though a podcast could encapsulate the experience of my teenage Saturday nights spent eating Dominoes with my father in his prefurnished one bedroom apartment. Congratulations, you have created your Karmazov.

Great episode, can't wait for the Carpenter special, and yr thoughts on Gravity.

You don't know anyone who saw Aliens in the theater?

Er...I'm old enough that I saw it...on opening day in a theater in Pittsburgh. With an audience who
shouted at the screen the whole time. There was no internet back then, so I had no idea a sequel had been made or what to expect until my friend told me we were going.


I was like a year old.

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