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Re-reading CASANOVA? And why is that, Tucker? (Heh, heh.)

Matt. Have you read The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao. It's set in the Dominican Republic and it's fascist past.

To add to what Bebreezy said: I, The Supreme, The President, Autumn of a Patriarch and Feast of the Goat are all marvelous dictator/fascistical novels worth reading.

You know I've not read a single Judge Dredd comic in my life. I'm not entirely sure where to start with 2000 AD-- those Complete Case Files maybe? I'd like to check out that Savage stuff you guys brought up waay back.

I believe this is the latest story we did in the ongoing Elmo/Kevin Clash brouhaha: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/07/dismissal_of_new_york_sex_suit.html

Scales - Frusteratingly, the first volume of the revived Savage is out of print, and I know of no plans to bring it back; only the second volume, "The Guv'nor" is around. If you want to start with Dredd, it's easier, since most of the material is available digitally on iOS or Kindle (or direct download from 2000adonline); Case Files 5 is the typical choice for 'classic' Dredd, while "America" marks the series' transition into something a little more melancholic, and "The Pit" sort of introduces Wagner's current, procedurally-driven approach. Actually, the new "Trifecta" collection isn't too bad an introduction either...

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