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Great episode. It's fascinating hearing your takes on these works since what Woodring does is often so ambiguous.

Great episode!, but no mention of Frank's appearance in Moore's 1963?

Went out to buy the book on the strength of this discussion. It's fucking amazing. New Jim Woodring fan right here. Nicely done.

At the beginning of the podcast, the mention of grinding children to jelly under the wheels of your car reminds me of Bad Boys 2 where they drive a Hummer through a hillside favela in Cuba, specifically Roger Ebert's being horrified that "people lived in those" in the universe of the movie, as our heroes crash through them, with the slim justification of a throwaway line that it was where the main bad guy's drug processing was done. Naturally me and my friends would laugh about this, Ebert's terror at this dumb action scene, as well as it starting off with Martin Lawrence probably saying something like "don't worry, dis is wurr day make da drugz @" before Will Smith drops it into fif gear and vaporizes a little Cuban boy's head under the back tire, spraying red gunk all over his stunned parents, before obliterating more families against the greeyul. The real horror of this is that the movie isn't even as entertaining as this would make it seem. This comment isn't appropriate for this podcast though, probably more for the other podcast.

All I know about Jim Woodring is that he made the art for Microsoft Comics Chat which is how Jerkcity is made. Can't wait to hear all about Jerkcity in this podcast!

Every episode of this show is a trip to Jerk City, JC.

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