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I saw the Sandman comic you're talking about and thought that, with all the inserts and ads, it must be a free give away. But it wasn't? What did it cost? 4.95?

I have the first two collections of Sandman. Someday I will finish the whole series perhaps.

I can't believe Tucker wouldn't want to see all those LOTR movies! Did I ever tell
you about seeing the Ralph Bakshi animated LOTR movie in the theater when it came out?
Well, I'll tell you about it some time...

I'm guessing DC hopes a rising tide will lift all ships... but man, I really do think we're at a place in comics were *breaking up the story* with ads just grates...

Good episode.

I always heard that the numbers in Akira were inspired by Tetsujin 28-gō by Mitsuteru Yokoyama (hence Akira's number 28), which is also where the names of Kaneda and Colonel Shikishima came from. The Bilal link makes sense though, so it's probably a case of multiple sources of inspiration.

I don't like that quote about killing dragons.

What have poor defenseless dragons ever done to Neil Gaiman for him to act this way? :-(

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