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The artist for Osborne was Emma Rios.

Also, David Rubín is a pretty good artist.

If you're interested check out La sala da tè dell'orso maltese & L'eroe. He's also doing a graphic novel with Santiago Garcia on Beowulf coming out late 2013

He definitely is in that Pope school with the brush strokes and hyper kinetic art which you can also see in Emma Rios's work and Nathan Fox too. BUT there's also some Daniel Torres and with a hint of Ligne claire to his linework and not as messy as the last two artists I talked about.

The thing that was annoying about the supposed tearing up of the comic, wasn't that comics are sacred or whatever. It's just sort of the shitty experience of trying to buy comics from a LCS. It's this locked down boys club of assholes in a lot of places, where they don't even WANT your business. Like if I went to...any other retail store out there, and tried to buy something which the store sells, I wouldn't have some clerk destroying it in front of me. Only in comics. It's a bunch of self-entitled babies. I've personally had more negative comic book shop experiences than good ones. A lot more.

That's it exactly. This has nothing to do with the mere physical act of ripping up the comic and offending some sort of trophy culture, but instead the ripping of a comic in front of a customer who was interested in it.

Um, no. From all reports, it was ripped up in front of a group of long-time customers used to having frank discussions with the owner, after they solicited his opinion on the book--not in front of a potential purchaser at the cash register. The owner later specified he had plenty of copies of the comic on the rack and sold them to anyone who wanted them.

However many shitty experiences at comic shops you've had, and however many questionable practices this store in particular might have--this incident really has nothing to do with those things.

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