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Can someone explain the dumping while hand holding story?

the false prophets bit. thank you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer/video game comparison is a lot more justified, because it looks entirely like the studio had the game tie-in in mind when designing those action scenes. "Here's Jamie Foxx fighting Spider-Man in this infinitely huge factory designed to make sparkles! Press X to jump around! Buy Mountain Dew!"

I realize that by typing this comment on a weeks-old podcast I'm complaining into the voidiest of voids, but I disagree about The Counselor being about nothing or being confusing. Later in the same episode you wanted to come up with an example of someone getting into crime but feeling like they could control how deep they go, which seemed to me one of the many things it was about. And I was also reminded of when you talked about Upstream Color, expressing surprise that anyone could view it as something other than linear; I definitely felt like the events of The Counselor were pretty straightforward, and in fact even embarrassingly-unsubtly underlined by things like Cameron Diaz's conniving character having literal leopard-print tattoos to highlight her predatory nature.

That's a good point. I'm still mulling over the Counselor, it's not a movie I'm done thinking about. Sometimes these episodes are going to catch more immediate reactions, whereas other times there's going to be some reassessment going on. I think the confusing thing about The Counselor that remains for me is that the character's motives don't make sense to me. Pitt and Diaz--i just can't gauge what the fuck is going on with them. "Money" seems cheap in the face of so much writing.

Like I said: i'm not sure where I'm at with that movie. I do think it'll always suffer due to the expectations I bring to it, as well as the general concern I have that Cormac is dicking around with movies when he could be writing novels. I'm not saying that we should complain on podcasts about his movies so he'll get back to writing books, just admitting that--while he is absolutely free to do what he likes--I believe he's a much more interesting novelist than he is a screenwriter, and his absence from books is much more keenly felt to me than it is to not get another crime movie.

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