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i know it's not a comedy podcast but it's always so goddamn funny when you relate ridiculous bits of movies/shows to each other. this one's the funniest yet.

What I'm curious about is if-- I really feel like I was laughing a lot at season 1, but by season 3, I'm completely at a place of "Aww, that's my show! THAT'S MY SHOW!" And I don't know if the show has actually improved (like I think it has) or if I'm just faking being smug about it less because I've gotten used to it or I've watched it for so long or because I couldn't keep the act going this long...

Also: I like the youtube clips for that show, just to get a glimpse of the fanbase. It's got that thing of ... like, when something great happens on that show, I'll enjoy it for being great but then I'll also in my head have a picture in my head of someone who's enjoying it WAY more than I am...? Which is elitist and sad but I don't know, I'm as bad or worse mess as when I watch porn. I'm watching a show about a limping nerd who built a murder computer-- who am I better than??? But the youtube comments sort of bear that out because there's always that comment of "this is the one show tells it like it is when it comes to our government, brother." For a video of that guy punching someone in the throat or whatever!

"worse mess as when I watch porn"-- Uh, i meant from the perspective of imagining there might be a less ironic fan in my head receiving things differently than I do, and not from, like... a gross, fluid-y perspective. FYI.

Usually the funny ridiculous parts of the Travis Bickle podcast comes from talking about TV shows, so I'm very much in favor of continued talk about TV shows. I hope you don't take this as reverse psychology (that would break my fucking heart!!!!!!!!!!).

Torturing babies or babies playing with grenades is either something you don't see (enough) in movies or something that just wouldn't play as well in a movie. Even if that baby was totally asking for it.

You guys might like Banshee, on Showtime. It's got some insanely long/brutal fight scenes as well as ridiculous shit like an albino henchman who gets his penis bitten off and an Amish crime boss with a massive crucifix tattooed on his back who makes prostitutes wear bonnets before he fucks them.

Also never stop talking about TV. Who are these complainers?

You guys may like that awful "Arrow" show.
It's streaming on Netflix but I gave up after 3 episodes.
Green Arrow simply murders bad guys by shooting them with arrows and
wishing he was Batman.

Abhay: I was still chuckling a bit at the show--and sometimes I still do, because it's just funny to watch Jesus annihilate people over and over again with what seems like no effort whatsoever--but the second season was definitely a jump up in terms of writing and overall performance. As soon as they gave Kevin Chapman an opportunity to actual play something tragic, it's like a lightbulb went off, and everybody started getting these really lovely bits of nuance to how they were. Finch's sorrow not just over Nathan and Grace, but over the creation of AI, and that AI's self-recreation, Carter's constant punishment at the hands of structures and ideals she believes in more than they deserve, the betrayal she faces on a daily basis. For all the criticisms I'd give Jesus throughout the beginning of that show, I think they're probably a bit more applicable to Shaw, who's main trait looks to be that she's incredibly fucking cool (which she is), but that she's not much else. They've done a nice job of giving Jesus a serious bit of grounding, showing how he never really had much of a personality when he was killing for the government, and how that's translated into a guy who constantly follows another guy around. Him walking into that storage room at the end of the second season and saying "are you all right"--that's a supremely uneven relationship, and while I don't think the first season writers would have done anything with that discrepency, the second season guys certainly like taking chances. I haven't gotten into season 3 yet--a little bit of googling has spoiled some of it, of course--but I really hope they keep going down this weird science-fiction road they've laid the groundwork for.

Tim: I tried Arrow, it's horrible, totally unredeemable. The action on there is the same cheap sound effect heavy bullshit they do on all those WB shows, all of the leads lack even the most basic charisma--that show is garbage. I really wanted it to be the kind of garbage that I could get obsessed with, but they refused to even give me one reliably funny character.

I disagree with almost everything you guys say in this podcast, but man, I love the way you say it.

I never would've pegged you for an Arrow fan, Bob. Say it ain't so!

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