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Really dug Morgan's review of Out of the Furnace. I thought the trailer looked pretty bland, aside from the weird Pearl Jam music at the end, which was just... wtf, but now I'm hoping there's a theater in my area that's playing this.

Regarding Out of the Furnace: the good Samaritan who Woody annihilates in the cold open is none other than the fat child molester who gets shot in the chest and decapitated in the 2nd season premiere of 24.

In conclusion: Pearl Jam.

Liked how Pearl Jam became this tremendous signifier of the futility of revenge and the cyclical grinding monotony of this dude's life: Bale sitting there at the end as Eddie Vedder starts moaning is some real existential horror. "Release me" indeed.

Also a local paper complained that Out of the Furnace was the "latest in a long line of movies you want to enjoy, but just can't," citing the lack of "denouement." I don't know about you but ten minutes of Woody Harrelson getting shot and beaten and death-marched into a field is pretty much the dictionary line on denouement.

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