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hey, great show. as always.
Prostytut in Computer Chess is an android. On last shot Nerdy guy's taking her scalp off.

Did you guys see Nebraska?

I did not! Should I? I mean, I basically watch any/everything, I don't have much of an argument against giving it a shot. I tend not to enjoy much of what he does though.

RE: Chiwetel Ejiofor, have you guys seen Dirty Pretty Things? I remember thinking that was pretty good.

I have not but it's Frears so I need to see it at some point (although the list of his stuff that isn't The Hit or Dangerous Liasons gets longer all the time.)

I haven't seen Nebraska either. I also tend to have issues with Payne. Election is hilarious, but brutal. About Schmidt and Sideways are just brutal and misanthropic, in my opinion (not that I think that would bother everybody). But I enjoyed the humanity I saw in The Descendents. I don't know, though, Nebraska has Bruce Dern, who I'd say I love to hate, but I think I just hate him. He gave us Laura Dern, though, so that was nice of him.

How did Ninja: Shadow of a Tear not make the list?

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