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Cat Fancy is still a magazine and it's really popular at the library I work at.

Speaking of library, I completely understand Chris's feeling that there's going to be too much to check out out there. What I do is use my library. I found out that my libraries carry a good amount of Fantagraphic, Humanoids, Selfmadehero, Drawn & Quarterly and other publishers. So I can get my hand on a ton of comics for free and if I REALLY like it, I buy them.

I know that most libraries aren't going to carry most of these publishers BUT most libraries do inter-loans, so you can check other libraries in your county or even state for a wider selection.

My favorite part of this interview is when Mautner says Boxers & Saints is "ambitious out the ying-yang."

On New Year's Eve, the people I was with, who are way into Harry Potter (and my age), they were really excited that the Harry Potter Experience is coming to Universal studios and one of the reasons why is because the Harry Potter Experience butter beer is better than store-bought...? Then at the end of the night, I was like "Oh I'll have one of those beers so-and-so brought" and then I realized I was drinking a butterscotch "beer"-- it tasted like candy and it didn't have booze in it. I like cream sodas and root beers so I wasn't pissed or anything, but yeah: that's what my lifestyle is like. That's how dangerous I live.

Anyways: *Talk more about the candy*. Talk all slow about it.

I'm not sure when it started, but at some point my main reason for listening to this podcast became the Chris/Tucker rivalry.

Eric, that was so not intentional.

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