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Mispronouncing his name at the very beginning is perfect. Nice opener, Chris.

Agree with Tucker during the segment of prose talk.

The library I work at there has been a lot of adults going for YA, more than the audience; the same goes with the graphic novels. Though adult prose does get a lot of checking-out but not as much of YA. It does bring up a lot of interesting conversations with our patrons.

Also, The Sound of Things Falling, The Infatuations, and The Good Lord Bird were also consistent in top ten lists.

For this year, be on the lookout for The Islands.

I like those Jabba the Hutt comics for Woodring, but I love them for Art Wetherell. A great art-toonist and a sleazy porn-toonist turned loose on space opera… such absurd chances should be taken more often.

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