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Not trolling, but for Christ's sake, Joe, it's ergoT. Hard "T."

It's in the dictionary, dude: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ergot

Moon Mullins, I'd argue, has a certain bumptious charm. That kind of roughneck, sporting life humor found in Moon Mullins (or much of the work of Rube Goldberg) hasn't aged well, or at least seems harder to access, than the shimmering, heartfelt strips like Krazy Kat and Gasoline Alley. Still, simply for anyone interested in history, the roughneck strips do evoke a certain lost America, a plebian world of cabbage rolls and checkered pans. Moon Mullins was created by Frank Willard but Ferd Johnson was the assistant on it soon after the strip started in 1923 and continued working on till 1991, an incredible 68 year run.

I've gotta get my hands on this

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