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I also recommend reading The Double by José Saramago which Enemy is adapting; brilliant novel that's comical, absurd and mean.

Also, I definitely agree with Tucker about the sexual tension in Del Toro's films to an extent.

There's a good amount of sexual tension in his films but there more under-the-skin and internalized through actions and matter of speaking. Del Toro's next film, Devil's Backbone is filled with sexual tension and that atmosphere is essential to the film.

Devil's Backbone is also a beautiful allegory for the rise of dictator Francisco Franco and his iron hold of Spain and the beginning of his brutality. It's in the vein of The Spirit of the Beehive and Cría Cuervos which was made to combat Franco and talk about the legacy of fascism and how it effects people.

I am not sure if the film is making exactly the moves you guys are talking about but it is smart and dirty and violent and messy in all the right ways and that film is Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur. Which the closest comparison would be to Carlos not only because the film is roughly 5 hours long but it deals in a close to half a decade in time and the generations and interactions of three rival crime families for control over an area.

It is really good movies of exactly a lot of the stuff you guys talk about on the show all the time. I think you would both really dig it.

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