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I thought that opening stretch of Olympus has Fallen where the Asians attack was pretty entertaining. And Butler's terrible but... he fit his movie more than Jamie Foxx or Channing Tates, so I enjoyed it more having seen that piece of shit.

Y'know, knowing now that Johnnie To was executive producer on Push makes the weird atmosphere that movie has make a lot more sense in retrospect. Even though I also doubt he had much direct involvement with it, it still FEELS To-like in a lot of ways, especially Exiled (and a little bit of Vengeance too). It's actually a pretty neat little movie; comic book as all hell, but in a way unconstrained by having to be loyal to any actual source material. It feels kind of like a pilot to a TV show that never got made, in a good way; like we're getting this glimpse into a bigger world we only see a small part of, which I dig. The exposition is is the most painful and comic bookish part, and the characters aren't developed much, but it's definitely adjacent to, if not directly in, the "People Doing Shit" vein you guys like, and looks gorgeous to boot. Nothing exceptional, but a good flick to throw on every now and then.

You guys don't need to apologize for anything. I've been trying to find more movie podcasts, and striking out. Here's a few things you get right:

Not starting each podcast with 15 minutes of "announcements."

Not starting each podcast with 20 minutes of banter than has zilch to do with movies (or if it does, it's gonna be witty.)

No petulant philistinism.

Nerdiness, but appropriately conflicted nerdiness.

I heard one podcast where the hosts dithered and dithered about whether you should drop $50 on the blu-ray of Lord of the Rings if you already have it on DVD and don't really like it. The possibility of spending $50 on some entertainment you'd actually find entertaining, or giving it to a shelter or something, not to mention the tension between film-as-art and airhead consumerism, did not occur to these podcasters.

You engage high-brow and low.

You're alive to aspects of film besides the plot, and you articulate your engagement in idiosyncratic ways. Somewhere, Manny Farber is smiling. Him and Jesus.

Another wise move you do, is you don't pull in a female ringer to record an intro, saying "You're listening to The Goofballcast" in a sultry voice and then never appearing in the body of the show.

Oh but probably the core of why I like this show: it's not that you don't talk about yourselves, your lives, your opinions, your families, but all such talk is rooted in the central cinematic concerns (more or less) so everything feels integrated. Too many podcasts are like "Welcome to the gumballcast, where all we talk about is gumballs. but first, hey Jimmy, how's your new station wagon working' for ya?" (A half hour of station wagon discussion; no gumballs.)

In short, what I'm trying to say is: I'm drinking beer.

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