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I choose to believe that the Sqrat tat is a meta commentary on the Superman legal fighting.

Robocop by Verhoeven. Why don't they make movies like this anymore?!

I think our only hope is this: Shane Black pulls John McTiernana and Paul Verhoeven out of obscurity and into the Marvel franchise stuff. They make R-rated comic book movies and we are all happy again. Maybe Verhoeven should do Ghostrider, still with Nick Cage. Our happiness goes supernova when Werner Herzog agrees to do one of these as well. Get on it, Internet! Make it happen!

As this podcast's worst fan, I have to say I was expecting more arguing.

Or I would say "you even agreed with each other that they should've used different lighting on the exteriors." But that's a Todd Barry reference, and for what? I don't even know. :(

PS I do agree, if Shane Black did a Punisher movie that would be pretty awesome. Except it wouldn't be very Punishery I think, it would be a quippy sort of Punisher, unless he got some quirky sidekick. What would the Punisher do if he were written by Shane Black? Shoot everyone and then smoke some cigarettes.

Wait I know how it could work. Shane Black Punisher movie, where Punisher is forced to team up with Spiderman. At the end, Punisher kills Spiderman. Just call the movie "What If?" Give Stan Lee like 8 cameos in it.

Stanley can go fuck himself.

Sorry everyone, I had to get that out.

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