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I love what you do on this podcast b/c as much as I may think I want you to talk about movies that I'm familiar with you consistently illustrate through your own interactions that that is not how you learn.

Here is the story of the Net TV show, which had 22 episodes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Net_(TV_series)

The fucking levels of specialized gun porn in Act of Valor are phenomenal. I think they used all live ammo? Like, for maximum personality? They had to make up fake credit names for all the real SEALS, so I was hoping they'd credit the guns individually too while they were at it, but that might have ruined the solemnity of the tragic ending, which is a tribute to America's heroes.

Unstoppable captures the texture of Pennsylvania unlike any other movie, no joke whatsoever.

Imprint was the only Masters of Horror episode I never made it all the way through, which is saying something, given how terrible so much of that series is -- I think I begged off after 20 minutes, before any of the gross stuff happened, just because it was so boring and badly acted. This podcast kind of makes me interested to suffer through the rest?

Agreed that Cigarette Burns is one of the few worthwhile episodes, but also: The Washingtonians. A boneheadedly stupid conceit, worked through with style and minimal self-consciousness, just like horror movies used to do.

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