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I too saw Cap 2 after Raid 2, and yeah, there's no comparison action-wise. But I did think that the scene that starts when Bucky throws Jasper Sitwell out of the moving car and they wreck on the overpass was pretty great -- it really took up the space available in an interesting way, you know? Cap's immediately thrown off the bridge and into that bus on the street below, Falcon gets pinned, Widow escapes, and then the three of them each have a different part to play in the larger combat zone. The hand-to-hand had the kind of bloodless hyperkinetic feel that Man of Steel had (on a smaller scale, though) and the shots were all framed just right to capture the fight choreography. The finale was an overblown silly waste, but I thought the elevator fight/escape, the boat fight in the beginning, and that highway/bridge fight were some of the best stylized hand-to-hand that I've seen on the big screen in a while. I particularly enjoyed the parts where Bucky was using his pistol in close combat against Cap -- reminded me a bit of Equilibrium or the weapons locker fight against Dahl Lundgren at the end of Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (except, you know, shiny & Marvelized).

Or maybe I was just really high and they sucked.

I liked the fighting in Cap 2 as well. Very clear and about as brutal as can be within the confines of the PG-13 rating. Frankly it was just nice to see one of these movies where the hero punches other human beings and not CGI monsters.

Chris Evans was surprisingly good in Snowpiercer.

He does an amazing job playing a guy under fire and just taking everything thrown at him and keeping it inside. He uses his face and body to tell and it's pretty fucking great.

Towards the end Evans just releases all his frustrations at this iron vault door and it so fucking intense. He can feel all that frustration and I was taken aback.

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