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You guys totally need to do the Heavy Metal movie episode if you want to get crazy about it you could even do 2000

Never thought I'd see the day that you'd devote half an episode to that tentacle rape stuff.

Haw haw, forgive me, I'm a little nostalgic for the Comics Journal message board of old, is all.

I've read a bit of Dennis Eichorn's Neat Stuff over at BoingBoing, and from what I've seen there it's all about how Dennis boned all the babes and kicked all the asses. Not buying' it. People who live that life don't write funnybooks.

Contrast to Pekar, whom I had the privilege to meet shortly after his first DC run of American Splendor. I tried to complement him for keeping' it real and using his DC exposure to do story after story after story about unclogging toilets. I think he thought I was making fun of him. It's a hard thing to complement.

I could *easily* do half an episode on Toshio Maeda, believe me...

How money can I throw for that to happen, McCulloch.

It's on the list somewhere behind the L'Association Comix 2000 episode Chris and I have been procrastinating with since late 2013.

Cartoons ARE hard to make. I give up every week.


Cartoons ARE hard to make. I give up every week.


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