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The "twitchy" guy from Across 110th Street is Paul Benjamin, one of the great character actors in my opinion. He's great in Escape from Alcatraz, Education of Sonny Carson, Do the Right Thing and Rosewood.

I enjoy all these pod casts, but I forget which on mentioned "Point Blank" as the best Boorman film (this one?). When I heard that, I realized I NEVER saw that movie! So I told Netflix to send it to me. It WAS great! Fantastic! Not only that, the disc had a commentary by Boorman and Steven Soderbergh. If you haven't heard the commentary seek it out. Some great stories about Carrol O'Connor and well...everything. Was it this pod cast that also said "The Good the Bad and the Weird" was also good? I have a bone to pick with who ever said that. : )

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