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This is my favorite episode since whenever the last time Tucker went totally apeshit ragemonster on something.

This was my favourite of any podcast on the internet of all time.

Tucker I love and hate you right now for the same thing. When you sung that song from Labyrinth it jogged something in my head of you doing it on your video show for Comixology, I love you for doing it (intentional or not) and I hate you and mostly myself for the fact that I still remember that.

I enjoyed that Joe said "I don't have any children" in the same tone the Chris Mautner has when discussing Garth Ennis.

Can Tucker just have a minute of hate spinoff-cast where he rages about shit like an internet age Andy Roomey, only with 75% less complaining about how old and shriveled his penis is now and how they had to eat dirt during the Great Depression and losing his shoes, or whatever the fuck Andy Rooney talked about?

Also Tim O'Neil had the best response to the YA thing: http://whenwillthehurtingstop.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-to-read.html

You helped me while I drew a little happy elf today. Two thumbs up!

Now on to the fucking Captcha...

I've never read Barnaby and had even forgotten about its existence up to now. What you guys discuss about repetition/endless serialization turning a comedy into a tragedy was pretty dang interesting. I really want to read this comic now.

The Tucker rant was amazing too, and near to my heart.

Great episode, kudos to all involved.

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