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Right on, with Tranformers!

It's good you didn't get into it on the podcast, because it's not a very fruitful mode of inquiry, but I don't know what the deal is with the movie being so widely disliked... it's like people (critics?) just go in assuming the movie is bad. I was hooked from the first act, especially that comedian getting killed (only seconds after the subtle reveal that he ratted them out, which was so well done), and the way they treated the girl less like a pornstar than Megan Fox and the Victoria's Secret model from T3.

So yeah thanks for the beating the drum!

Russian jugular woundee from 24 was the Turkish dealer on The shadow Line too

The thing that always bugged me about that Hulk guy is he uses sentence structure and grammar, I mean if you are going to do a joke thing at least go all the way with it.

We'll probably talk about that critical dislike a bit the next time around, because now that I've seen the 3rd movie, I sort of see where that dislike stems from. That third movie is pretty awful in a lot of the ways that the T4 reviews describe. I certainly would have had a hard time going in for T4 if i'd seen the third one first. What a nightmare.

Agree with thoughts on Transformers Four...but surprised in the discussion of weirdness of Marky Mark father/daughter stuff you didn't mention the scene where daughters boyfriend pulls laminated copy of statutory rape laws out of his wallet to show Wahlberg. And Wahlberg then has to shrug like "Ok so your not raping my daughter according to the letter of the law". Really struck me as this super bizarre scene. I can't imagine Daniel Baldwin accepting a laminated copy of statutory rape laws in Tree's Lounge, why is Cade Yaeger?

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